knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit

wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad 

That was deep

philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie

That was deeper.

common sense is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie you nasty

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“Flights of Fancy” Caroline Trentini by Arthur Elgort for Vogue US September 2008

this kinda was a free write. its called hummingbird. 

so life has been different
117 days-
living in the now; forgetting about the past
1> thinking about college makes me nervous.
2> thinking about probabilities of the future make me nervous.
3> love is the best feeling in the world.
4> being independent with a car and job are a must.
5> trying to make memories.

For me, acting is about the art of it and it’s about being on a film set and doing your thing, painting a blank canvas.

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"paramore was pulled off tour for a week when hayley was 16 because her mom grounded her" is the funniest thing i’ve ever heard

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black and white blog.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
Truman Capote, 1947